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The EU Climate Law and Access to Justice

About this event

The EU Climate Law provides the framework for the EU’s climate action in the coming decades. As well as enshrining the EU reduction targets into law, it sets out a governance framework to ensure that its commitments are respected in practice. To that end, the European Parliament proposes to add a provision that would allow EU citizens and NGOs to go to court in certain cases in which Member States fall short of their commitments.

At this online seminar, we will discuss this proposed provision and access to environmental and climate justice more broadly with a panel of distinguished speakers. We will hear from two of the Parliament negotiators on the EU Climate Law as well as an academic and a practitioner’s perspective.

Presenters: (see last-minute changes)

  • Michael Bloss, Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA.
  • Silvia Modig, Member of the European Parliament, GUE/NGL.
  • Dr. Ciara Brennan, Lecturer at Newcastle University.
  • Sebastian Bechtel, Environmental Democracy Lawyer at ClientEarth (last-minute replacement of Dr. Roda Verheyen, practicing lawyer at Rechtsanwälte Günther).

The presentations will be followed by 30minutes to answer questions from the participants, with the last-minute additional participation of the legal expert Dr. Alison Hough, lecturer at Athlone Institute of Technology.


This seminar is organised by ClientEarth and Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E).

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  • Guest speaker
    CB G
    Ciara Brennan

    Lecturer at Newcastle University.

  • Guest speaker
    MB G
    Michael Bloss

    Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA.

  • Guest speaker
    RV G
    Roda Verheyen

    Practicing lawyer at “Rechtsanwälte Günther”.

  • Guest speaker
    Anais Berthier

    Anaïs Berthier is the Head of EU Affairs at ClientEarth in our Brussels office. She has been leading the Environmental Democracy programme for the last 12 years. As such her work focused on ensuring the implementation and enforcement of the procedural rights provided by the Aarhus Convention.

  • Guest speaker
    SM G
    Silvia Modig

    Member of the European Parliament, GUE/NGL.

  • Team member
    Anne Friel Lawyer, Environmental Democracy Lead @ ClientEarth


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