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ClientEarth Live: Justice for the ocean

About this event

The ocean covers 71 percent of the planet and is home to 80 percent of life on Earth. However, it is an incredibly fragile ecosystem threatened by massive over-fishing and pollution. Though much is made of visible damage caused by the plastics industry, few are aware of the extent of the environmental impacts caused by fisheries.

During this one hour webinar, we introduce you to ClientEarth experts Adam Weiss, Head of the Oceans Programme, and colleague Quentin Marchais, Sustainable Seafood Lead, who will explain how ClientEarth is working to end over-fishing and the abuses along the supply chain that cover it up, so that we can all eat seafood whilst protecting ocean biodiversity and the climate.

During the course of this webinar, you will have an opportunity to submit your written questions for a brief Q&A.

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  • Team member
    Adam Weiss

  • Guest speaker
    Quentin Marchais Sustainable Seafood Lead @ ClientEarth

    Quentin rejoined ClientEarth last autumn having formerly worked for two years with us as a researcher when our seafood team was expanding four years ago. In the interim, he worked at Fauna & Flora International as the Marine Programme Manager for the Americas and Caribbean region.


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