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SEO 101: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization for CDFIs

About this webinar

This 60-minute webinar will include a brief introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for CDFIs.

Thank you all for sharing your responses to the survey, I'll try to answer all of your most common questions.

Things I'll cover:

  • What is SEO
  • Paid vs. SEO
  • Social Media vs. SEO
  • Website & SEO Fundamentals
  • What are keywords and how do I rank for specific ones?
  • Local search & optimization
  • Measuring SEO
  • Free tools to get started

I'll also plan to reserve time for questions at the conclusion of this webinar.

I'm hoping we can make this an ongoing educational series and dive in to specific subjects in the future in more detail!

Hosted by

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    Mike Ivancie Director, Growth and Partnerships @ CNote

    Mike is CNote's Director of Growth and Partnerships. He works to educate and introduce impact investing to individuals and institutions, helping them align their investments with their values.


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