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Hi everyone !

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming online event, an exciting webinar in which you will learn why Neurodiversity is an untapped asset at work ✨🧠

Our speaker, Malika is a psychotherapist, clinical researcher, professional coach and trainer and holds a Master in the Psychology of Mental Health. She has previously worked as a policymaker and negotiator in government, as an entrepreneur in start-ups, and in multinational companies in Europe, Asia, Latin and North America. She has been managing teams for more than a decade.

Malika currently puts her rich expertise and many hats at the service of teams and focuses on helping leaders better manage and communicate with multicultural and diverse teams.

She will tackle the topic of neurodiversity, how it is an amazing opportunity for people and businesses with the right inclusive environment.

You will not only become more self-aware of your own communication style, but also learn practical ways to communicate with neurodivergent people.

Neurodiversity also has many implications beyond communication, come learn about those!

You will get out with:

  • The different types of neurodivergences
  • A deeper understanding of the three most common ones (neurotypical, AHDH/ADD and autism)
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each of these profiles
  • The many impacts of a neurodivergent profile
  • Practical ways to better communicate with them

We can't wait to see you there and discuss this riveting topic with you 💛

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    Malika Bouazzaoui

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    Quentin Bouche

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