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Code Climate invites you to their event

Using DORA Metrics to Boost Engineering Performance

About this event

You’ve heard of the four DORA metrics — maybe you’re even measuring them — but do you know how to effectively leverage them to boost your team’s performance?

In this virtual panel discussion, you’ll find out how engineering leaders at startups and enterprises alike are using DORA metrics to drive actual change in their organizations.

Join us on Wednesday, 7/27 at 1pm ET/10am PT to learn:

  • How to introduce DORA metrics to your team
  • Who should be looking at your team’s metrics, and how often
  • How to derive and act on insights from DORA metrics
  • What pitfalls and challenges you should be aware of


Code Climate

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Code Climate empowers organizations to achieve engineering excellence through data. Our platform, Velocity, transforms data from DevOps and project management tools into insights that help engineering leaders align with strategic priorities, accelerate software delivery, and drive improvement.