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Crafting the Cloud - aligning migration and application modernisation with AWS

About this event

Learn why ‘lift and shift’ migration won’t deliver lasting change and what steps you can take to modernise your business from the ground up.

In economic uncertain times, it's more important than ever to keep a lid on IT spend, stay ahead of disrupters and find new ways to innovate. But aligning your business with technology is hard if you don’t have the skills, culture or experience to get things done right or at scale. Many businesses are grappling with these and many other challenges as they build their cloud-enabled strategy.

In this webinar featuring talks from Codurance and its partner AWS we will explain why a ‘lift & shift’ migration won’t deliver lasting change and what steps you can take to modernise your business from the ground up using our unique Software Craftsmanship methodology.

You’ll also learn how businesses like Cazoo, Roche and Digital Theatre have adopted AWS cloud technologies to accelerate their pace of delivery whilst aligning to best practices - and how you can do this too.

We’ll cover:

  • Building a business case for change
  • Taking advantage of automated infrastructure
  • The importance of a well designed architecture
  • How to successfully transition to a new operating model
  • Building in governance, team structure and operational readiness to your strategy
  • How to increase visibility and understanding of cloud usage costs
  • How to empower your teams and give them the skills to succeed
  • How to migrate and modernise whilst maintaining business as usual
  • How to get started

You’ll come away from this session with a deeper understanding of why cloud adoption is just the start of a journey to innovation and some practical advice on how to step on to the path with confidence.

This webinar event includes a presentation by speakers from Codurance and Amazon Web Services followed by Q&A. If you are a technology leader looking to accelerate your cloud strategy or a business leader wanting to learn how technology can deliver greater value, this event is for you.

About Codurance

Codurance is a leading software consultancy that helps businesses build high-quality software using agile practices and software craftsmanship principles. With a strong focus on collaboration, continuous learning, and delivering value to clients, Codurance has become a trusted partner for organisations looking to improve their software development processes and outcomes.

As an Advanced Services Tier partner in the AWS Partner Network with competencies in the Well-Architected Framework and AWS Lambda, Codurance has deep proven expertise in supporting customers as they migrate and modernise their applications and platforms for optimal performance and scalability. Learn more at


Matthew Belcher - Principal Craftsperson at Codurance

Matt has over 15 years of experience working within software development. The vast majority of that time he has spent as a consultant. Matt has worked with a large number of clients across many countries, tech stacks, languages and technical architectures. He has played numerous roles during his career from Software Developer to Solutions Architect. Nowadays Matt works alongside technical leaders from client organisations advising and supporting in areas such as technical architecture, software development and Agile practices.

Matt is passionate about helping organisations improve their software delivery capabilities, whether it be through embedding good technical practices or establishing a clear technical vision. He has a particular interest in Event Driven Architectures and Serverless and has supported many AWS customers from ambitious startups through to global enterprises to design the right architecture and strategy to support business growth.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys travelling, playing the guitar and keeping fit. He is also currently learning Vietnamese.

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Sam Griffiths - Senior Platform Engineer at Codurance

Sam is a skilled Platform Engineer who loves building high performing teams to deliver robust, reliable and scalable systems in the cloud. He fell into technology after completing a Geography degree at University and hasn’t looked back.

Sam has gained a wide variety of experience with different sized enterprises, meaning that he is able to identify appropriate solutions for the task in hand, with a mixture of pragmatism and informed decisions. He particularly enjoys the design and build process, to enable applications and services to run at scale. He has primarily been involved with AWS solutions in the past, however is able to turn his hand to any tech. Sam is certified to AWS Pro level and provides guidance to customers on how to build and modernise automated cloud platforms at scale.

Outside of work, Sam is currently training for a half-marathon. He enjoys rambling around the Yorkshire Dales, photography and attempting to cook nice food.

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Rodrigo Nascimento - Head of Platform Engineering at Codurance

Rodrigo is an experienced consultant with 30+ years of experience in IT. He has been working across different industries from the strategy definition down to the technical implementation, ensuring that deliverables can be traced to the promised business values.

The combination of his passion for technology (which started when he was 10 years old with his first ZX Spectrum) and his strong academic business background (bachelor's degree in Marketing and MBA) have been used in many organisations to optimise the utilisation of IT resources and capabilities to leverage competitive advantage.

Outside work, Rodrigo enjoys spending time with his family and has few hobbies, including cycling, tennis, guitar and building gadgets.

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AWS Speakers:

Junaid Bakali - Senior Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS

Junaid is a Senior Specialist Solutions Architect for Migrations and Modernisation, with a background in Software Engineering. Junaid has extensive experience in helping corporate organisations migrate away from legacy monolith applications to a more modern microservice based architecture at scale.

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Kishan Dave - Migration and Modernisation Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS

Kishan is a Migration and Modernisation Specialist Solutions Architect based in London. Kishan helps businesses overcome their most pressing technical challenges and unlock new value from AWS through modernisation of their workloads. Kishan is part of the Containers Technical Field Community at AWS and enjoys photography outside of work.

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    Junaid Bakali Senior Specialist Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services

    A Senior Specialist Solutions Architect for Migrations and Modernisation into the Cloud, with a background in Software Engineering. Extensive experience in helping corporate organisations migrate away from legacy monolith applications to a more modern microservice based architecture at scale.

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    Kishan Dave Specialist Solutions Architect, Migration & Modernisation @ AWS

    For the past 2.5 years, I have worked at Amazon Web services helping customer both adopt the Cloud, and unlock its benefits through Modernisation. Prior to AWS I worked as a

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Craft at Heart

Codurance builds well-crafted, reliable, secure and easy to modify software and cloud platforms. We work collaboratively using methodologies based on the Software Craftsmanship and Agile mindset, Extreme Programming practises, Lean and DevOps principles.