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DDD at Scale - using Domain Driven Design to build client centric products

About this event

Domain Driven Design has been around for a fairly long time in the software industry; in fact it's nearly 20 years since the term was first coined by Eric Evans in his titular book. However, it’s still not as widely adopted and understood perhaps as it should be.

In this talk between Codurance and Cazoo we will cover what Domain Driven Design is (and isn’t!), some of the benefits it can bring to teams and product development and how organisations and teams can start to adopt it.

We'll cover:

  • How applying Domain Driven Design helps in structuring teams
  • Domain Driven Design’s impact on scaling the engineering function
  • Where Domain Driven Design isn’t a good fit
  • The importance of evaluating and adapting the domain model
  • Tools and techniques to get started

This will be a live online fireside chat style webinar. Bring your questions for the Q&A as there’ll be time at the end to put your questions to the hosts.


Bob Gregory

Engineering Coach, Cazoo

Bob has a decade of experience building distributed systems and event driven architectures at Huddle, MADE, and now Cazoo.

Matt Belcher

Principal Craftsperson, Codurance

Matt is passionate about helping organisations improve their software delivery capabilities, whether it be through embedding good technical practices or establishing a clear technical vision. Prior to Codurance, Matt worked at ThoughtWorks, where he worked with a large number of clients across many locations, tech stacks, languages and technical architectures. He has been working closely with Cazoo, collaborating on the architectural direction and decisions to support building at scale.

Khoovi Seewoonauth

Software Craftsperson, Codurance

Khoovi has a BSc and MSc in Computer Science, with 12 years professional experience in the field of software development working as grad, senior, lead dev and engineering manager. He has built Java mobile apps, single page web apps, and native Android Kotlin apps during his career.

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    Bob Gregory


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