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How these anti patterns work: The greedy catcher, The sequencer, Hidden dependency and The enumerator.

About this event

Have you ever seen those anti patterns in your code base?

The greedy catcher, The sequencer, Hidden dependency and The enumerator.

More than 45% of developers haven't, join us to find out more.

This is the fourth out of 6 in the testing anti-patterns series, but do not worry if you have not been able to attend the previous ones. They are separate episodes. :)

This talk is going to be in English (Q&A can be in Spanish or English)

Videos on demand last episodes:

Episode 1: The liar, Excessive setup, The Slow Poke.

Episode 2: The mockery, The inspector, Generous leftovers and The local hero.

Episode 3: The nitpicker, The secret catcher, The dodger and The Loudmouth.

By Matheus Marabesi

Software craftsperson at Codurance Spain

Marabesi is addicted to software development in general, due to that, two books came out as a passion for sharing. As a hobby he likes to play with Raspberry PI and to dive into the IoT world.

Besides that he’s an aspiring researcher focused on software testing and gamification, so far he developed Testable, a gamified tool that aims to improve the unit test teaching approach, trying to change the boring perception that developers have in learning how to test their code.

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