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CBRNe Roadmap: State-of-play and future challenges

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As part of our monthly iDeaS by COGES Events, we are pleased to present this 7th e-conference - in English - organised for the occasion in collaboration with our partner NCT-A Vision of IB Consultancy:

CBRNe Roadmap: State-of-play and future challenges

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive agents often are regarded as frightening but distant. Many incidents throughout the past decades, and even in recent years, proved us wrong. From the Anthrax letters attack in 2001 to the recent use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world learned that even in recent years, the threat posed by such agents is not as far from our daily life as we might think.

Parallelly, explosives, especially in the form of IEDs, are one of the elected weapons by terrorists and continue to take a high toll of deaths across the world. The best shield we have against CBRNe threats is to spread knowledge about them, gathering the expertise of first responders and key decisionmakers to analyze and therefore learn the best lessons from past incidents and successful counterproliferation. What are the future challenges awaiting us in the upcoming decade? Our top-level panelists will address that and many more CBRNe topics during this discussion.


  • Léa BENASSEM--DURIEUX, Conferences Manager, Coges Events
  • Ilja M. BONSEN, Managing Director, IB Consultancy


  • Eric DAMIENS, Chairman of the Export Commission, GIE Défense NBC
  • OR-7 Michal BELŠÁN, Senior Training Instructor, Analysis and Informational Support Department, 31st CBRN Defence Regiment, Army of the Czech Republic
  • Lt. Col. Bernd Allert, Deputy Director / Transformation Support Department Chief / Doctrines & Terminology Section at NATO JCBRN Defence COE

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    Bernd Allert Deputy Director/Transformation Support Department Chief/Doctrines & Terminology Section @ NATO JCBRN Defence COE