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Energizing the Future: Critical Minerals at the Crossroads of Security and Sustainability

About this event

Explore 🧭 the nexus of critical minerals, energy ⚡️ security, and the global energy transition in Energizing the Future: Critical Minerals at the Crossroads of Security and Sustainability.

This webinar offers an in-depth analysis of the strategic challenges and opportunities at the intersection of geopolitics and the green 🌱 economy. Industry leaders and investors will gain insights into navigating the competitive dynamics shaped by global market 📉 forces and policy decisions, underscored by Amvest Terraden's commitment to driving sustainable and secure energy solutions.

Here are some key 🗝️ takeaways you'll get from attending the webinar:

  • Introduction to Critical Minerals: Importance in electrification, energy ⚡️security, decarbonization, and defense industries.

  • Global EV Market 📉 Dynamics: The tariff impact and the competition between Tesla and Chinese manufacturers like BYD.

  • The Decarbonization Dilemma: The cost of green 🌱 policies and the debate over decarbonization with or without China.

  • China’s 🇨🇳 Strategic Maneuvers: Energy insecurity, strategic stockpiling, coal as a strategic asset, and dominance in battery technology and mineral refining.

  • Western Response: Necessity of re-industrialization and building supply chains in geopolitically stable regions 🗺️ - investing in gigafactories, mining, and mineral development.

  • Market Volatility and Investment Opportunities: Price volatility of critical minerals ⛏️, investment strategies amidst market cycles, and the emphasis on energy security.

Join us to hear all about it and remember, if you can't make it, you can always register 🖋️ and still get access to the event's replay!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Tomasz Nadrowski Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager @ Amvest Capital

  • Guest speaker
    Scott Sowell Manager, Marketing and Communications @ Amvest Capital

  • Guest speaker
    Stuart Macliver Co-Founder & General Partner @ Amvest Capital


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