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E-Invoicing mandates on the examples of Germany and Poland: Key Considerations, Opportunities, and Challenges

About this event

Seize opportunities, stay compliant! Reserve your spot for our webinar on e-invoicing mandates in Poland and Germany. Our experts will guide you through important aspects, potential benefits, and hurdles of e-invoicing in these markets.

As digital transformation accelerates across the globe, understanding the latest trends and regulatory requirements is critical for businesses to remain compliant and competitive.

Our experts, Michał Kacperek, Senior Requirements Engineer at Comarch, and Rafał Trojanowski, Head of Legal Compliance at Comarch, will provide a comprehensive exploration of key topics, from global trends to specific national mandates. We'll dive into the unique challenges and opportunities e-invoicing regulations in Poland and Germany present, and discuss the potential impact of ViDA on the future of e-invoicing in the EU. Finally, we'll equip you with practical strategies for a smooth transition to e-invoicing, maximizing efficiency and ensuring compliance.

Ready to prepare for the e-invoicing in Poland and Germany? Reserve your spot to join Michał and Rafał today!


1. Global Trends in E-Invoicing

  • What are the key factors driving the global shift towards e-invoicing technologies?
  • How are different regions around the world approaching e-invoicing adoption?

2. To Each Their Own: Comparing Mandates in Poland and Germany

  • What are the specific e-invoicing regulations planned for Poland and Germany?
  • What are the unique requirements, challenges, and opportunities businesses will face under these e-invoicing mandates?

3. National Mandates vs ViDA: A Look at the Pan-European Landscape

  • What is ViDA (VAT Identification in the Digital Age)?
  • How might ViDA impact e-invoicing practices across the European Union?
  • How might national mandates and ViDA interact in the coming years?

4. How to Navigate through the E-Invoicing Wave

  • What key compliance strategies should businesses consider for e-invoicing?
  • What are some effective tips for adopting e-invoicing technologies and optimizing the process?

5. Question & Answer Session


Michał Kacperek (LL.M. Bucerius Law School)

Senior Requirements Engineer at Comarch

Michał works with Comarch from the beginning of 2020 advising companies from the DACH and BeNeLux region within digitization of documents and processes in their organizations. He is responsible for topics related to electronic data interchange e.g. e-invoicing, accounts payable automation, enterprise content management and the related e-invoicing or e-reporting obligations.

Rafał Trojanowski

Head of Legal Compliance at Comarch

Rafał is an analyst and Head of the Legal Compliance team in the Comarch e-invoicing/EDI Business Unit. He specializes in carrying out data exchange and document management projects in countries where legal policies concerning e-invoicing were introduced.


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