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Experts' Roundtable 2021: Customer Segmentation in Loyalty Programs (feat. Forrester)

About this event

Join us for an exclusive event on how today's companies can use AI to identify patterns in loyalty program member behavior, divide clients into groups based on personal interests & preferences, and ultimately – build stronger customer relationships

About the Webinar

Consumers want meaning – they want to receive content that corresponds with their needs, hopes, and dreams, they want their individual voices to be heard, and most importantly, they want to be recognized for their past interactions with a brand.

But how can you show your clients your appreciation when there are hundreds (if not thousands or millions) of them?

On December 7, experts from Forrester and Comarch will delve into the concept of customer segmentation and explain how one can use it in the context of loyalty programs for building long-lasting, meaningful relationships with all their customers.

Our guests will also reveal what role Artificial Intelligence plays in this scenario and how it can help you introduce tribal segmentation, the process of dividing clients into groups based not only on demographics but also on their personal interests & affinities.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Joanna Kamycka Comarch

  • Guest speaker
    MP G
    Mary Pilecki VP and Principal Analyst @ Forrester

  • Guest speaker
    SS G
    Suri Singh

  • Team member
    Wojtek Kempny Senior Business Consultant @ Comarch

    Specializing in Loyalty and Customer Experience & Engagement projects in the Middle East. He has been working in Comarch for the past 8 years and has worked with the biggest companies in the GCC in the retail, banking and government sectors.

  • Guest speaker
    Suryaveer Singh Head of Loyalty @ ENOC


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