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Remote Care: The New Normal - a Comarch webinar with RIZIV-INAMI, care providers and industry experts

About this webinar

Remote Care: The New Normal

A Comarch webinar with RIZIV-INAMI, care providers and industry experts

What many already knew before COVID19 is now certain: Telemedicine is here to stay.

Remote patient monitoring could be a significant lever for improving access to care and the cost-effectiveness of patient management. A smart telemonitoring strategy can increase patient satisfaction and treatment compliance and decrease (re)admissions and nursing visits.

Telemedicine is a disruptive innovation: it challenges health care organisations, professional roles and reimbursement rules. Therefore a holistic view on several aspects is required. To this end, Comarch brings together industry, care providers and RIZIV-INAMI for a webinar session during which we zoom in on the different aspects of remote monitoring:

  • the patient journey
  • the care services
  • the switch to digital workflows and data management
  • the governmental policy and reimbursement

On the agenda are the following speakers:

  • RIZIV-INAMI: Outlining the reimbursement of telemonitoring, the National Institute for Sickness and Disability Insurance plays a key role in the telehealth landscape. Marleen Louagie is head of the medical directorate at RIZIV-INAMI and will zoom in on the current policy and give her view on future reimbursement of telemonitoring programs.
  • AZ Maria Middelares: Contemporary qualitative healthcare with a human face, that is what the Maria Middelares stands for. During the webinar Kurt Roesbeke, Jolien Vanden Berghe and Marc Vankerkhoven will share their insights on the patient journey of transmural care. They have been anticipating on the implementation of telemonitoring programs and will share with us their lessons learned.
  • Z-plus: Z-plus is a cooperative society of care providers specializing in remote care. Their monitoring center follows up on medical measurements and is ready to intervene, 24/7. Being involved in projects for monitoring among others diabetes and COVID19 patients, they have a lot of insights to share. Julie Wyffels will elaborate on the implementation of telemonitoring programs, share best practices and explain how care can go further than the walls of the hospitals.
  • Comarch: Comarch Healthcare is an IT supplier of innovative Remote Medical Care solutions that use its own as well as third party software, equipment, and medical infrastructure. VP of Comarch Healthcare Bartosz Pampuch will zoom in on switching to digital workflows and health data management.

This webinar is a must for all healthcare enthusiasts that want to unlock the potential of telehealth in their organisation. Innovative hospitals, care providers, residential care centers, home nursing groups… let's get together shape the future of healthcare.

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  • Guest speaker
    JV G
    Jolien Vanden Berghe AZ Maria Middelares

  • Guest speaker
    MV G
    Marc Vankerckhoven AZ Maria Middelares

  • Guest speaker
    ML G
    Marleen Louagie Head Medical Directorate @ RIZIV-INAMI (fgov)

  • Team member
    Ella Ameye Business Development Manager E-health @ Comarch Healthcare

  • Guest speaker
    Kurt Roesbeke AZ Maria Middelares

  • Guest speaker
    Julie Wyffels Z-plus

  • Guest speaker
    Bartosz Pampuch VP Comarch Healthcare @ Comarch Healthcare


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