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Cookieless World - Get ready now! - 1st Episode: Analytics

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Cookieless World - Get ready now! First episode: Analytics

Marketing in the cookieless era is already a reality and you need to take the first steps now, otherwise you are already behind schedule.

Google has announced the end of Google Analytics from July 2023, but it is important to get to that date with a year's worth of data in a new analytics system. You have to move now!

There is less and less data that can be collected, so what to do? Use a server-side tracking system that sends the data to the analytics tool!


  • Where the world is going and why it is important to move now
  • Analytics, what should we do?
  • The benefits of the Commanders Act system
  • Demo

Andrea Bovarini and Grazia Corsaro will present solutions to implement in a cookieless world.

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    Grazia Corsaro Head of Professional Service @ CommandersAct

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    Andrea Bovarini International Business Director @ Commanders Act

Commanders Act

The Cookieless Marketing Platform

Commanders Act publishes a european Customer Data Platform that enables real-time collection, control, enrichment and sharing of first-party customer data through a server-side approach.