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Privacy Barometer 2022: Results and Best Practices for optimization

About this event

Find out the results and best practices for optimising your privacy banners!

How have industries set trends with the "Continue without accepting" button or personalised their consent banners? What are the consequences on the different markets one year after these recommendations came into force?

We present you the results of our 2022 Privacy Barometer and the actions to take to optimize your opt-in rates and the attractiveness of consent banners.

Join us for this webinar, to discover the results measured by our experts Grazia Corsaro & Andrea Bovarini.

The programme includes:

  • The results of our Privacy Barometer 2022
  • Average consent rate and opt-in share in 2022
  • Results by business sector
  • Results by device
  • Reminder of best practices to optimise your opt-in rates while remaining in compliance with regulations

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    Andrea Bovarini International Business Director @ Commanders Act

  • Team member
    Grazia Corsaro Head of Professional Service @ CommandersAct

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