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Server Side Story: Main use cases and benefits

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Server Side Story: Server Side Tracking Models

The transition from client-side to server-side tracking is a key factor in enabling marketing automation technologies, more accurate analytics and personalization tools to make ads more effective.

We will look at server-side tracking, analyze the main use cases and benefits and understand how it impacts marketers' daily work on a practical level.

The webinar will be enriched with a behind-the-scenes look at the technical requirements and technologies involved.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The server-side tracking
  • The main use cases and benefits
  • How it impacts marketers' daily work on a practical level

In this webinar, Andrea Bovarini, Country Manager South Europe and Claralinda Miano, Technical Consultant South Europe at Commanders Act, will review these use cases to help you make the transition to server-side.

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    Andrea Bovarini International Business Director @ Commanders Act

Commanders Act

The Cookieless Marketing Platform

Commanders Act publishes a european Customer Data Platform that enables real-time collection, control, enrichment and sharing of first-party customer data through a server-side approach.