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Boys and the 11+: what you need to know

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Boys and the 11+: what you need to know

Back in the days of Enid Blyton’s 'lashings of ginger beer', sorting out senior school was all very straightforward. Girls went to day schools at 11, and boys went off to board at 13. Now, the London educational landscape is very different. The combination of a lack of places in selective London/Surrey schools, a boy baby bulge, increased incidence of SEND among boys, and the emotional fallout from Covid have formed a perfect storm for our boys.

This lunchtime webinar with education expert and founder of Commons Education, Adam D'Souza, will give you tips to navigate the senior school transfer process with your son, and help him to thrive in the next step of his education.

Who is this for? Parents with sons in Years 3, 4 or 5 in primary or prep school, who are looking ahead to 11+ transfer to senior/secondary schools.

What will you learn?

  • The London selective school “landscape” for boys in 2023
  • Wildcard/creative options
  • How to choose which schools to apply to – making a plan
  • How to gain a place at senior school without overwhelming my son with entrance exams
  • Insights on pre-teen psychology: keeping boys motivated through the slog of 11+

Why attend? To understand how to most effectively support your son through the 11+ process, helping him to realise his potential without overwhelming him.

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