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How to turn your website into a reliable lead machine🚀

About this webinar

Have you ever wondered why your website isn't bringing you any leads?

Well, the answer to that question is simple - it's because your website is not aligned to your primary business function. The bigger question, or obstacle that business owners and web developers face is how to align your goals as a company, and showcasing that to your customers.

We've heard it all - whether it's the fact that "all my customers are through referrals" or "I just updated my website a couple years ago and I think it looks fine" to business owners completely dismissing that their website attracts a bunch of leads (which we know doesn't).

In this webinar, you're going to learn the following things...

âś…The importance of design when it comes to attracting leads - and how you can design your website properly.

âś…The copywriting formula that you should follow when writing call to actions on your website.

âś… A live case study of our clients in the law and restaurant niche.

âś…Overall best practices to attract leads on your website.

There are limited spots available for our webinar, and we can't wait to see you there.

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    Kaito Cunningham COO @ Community Coders

    đź‘‹Nice to meet you! My name is Kaito, and I'm a Co-Founder and COO of Community Coders. My passion lies in providing opportunities for others and to make sure that youth get the chance to recognize their own potential through meaningful work experiences.

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