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Integrating Systemic Constellations in Work and Organisation

About this event

How to integrate systemic constellations in your work?

A compact webinar with Tom Wittig

In the "new normal" we are all experiencing challenges to adapt and find new ways of working and providing services to clients. In this compact webinar we are discussing ways how you can integrate systemic constellations in your work.

"Systems Thinking is needed. System Actors make it happen." Tom Wittig

In this webinar you will learn about

  • What is a virtual constellations?
  • What are new possibilities?
  • How to overcome the limitations of virtual meetings?
  • Which tools can help facilitating a virtual online constellation?
  • Which topics and area of applications are suitable?

This webinar is free of charge. Space in the live webinar is limited. The replay will be made available. This webinar will take 15-20 minutes.

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    Tom Wittig Constellateur


Systemic Insights

Systemic constellation for organization, enterprise, business, personal, career, relationship, family. Tom Wittig.