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Beyond Compliance: How Defining Risk Boundaries Can Drive Business Growth

About this event

Effective risk and compliance management is not only vital for the success of accounting professionals but is also a key component for the sustainability and growth of the firm. In today's heightened environment of regulatory scrutiny and with the increasing complexity of business risks, it is crucial to have a structured process for assessing new business opportunities and weighing their associated risks.

By defining risk boundaries, accounting firms can make well-informed decisions on which clients or projects to take on, ensuring that their risk management efforts are focused on areas that pose the greatest threat to the firm while serving the firm’s strategic business objectives. Additionally, understanding how to define risk boundaries can help the firm identify potential areas for growth while mitigating potential risks.

Join us for this exclusive Intapp and Accountancy Age webinar as we discuss:

  • Best practices for defining risk boundaries
  • How software and automation can help you on your journey to a more well-developed risk strategy
  • The benefits of effective risk boundary definition
  • Real-world examples of risk boundary definition in action

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Johann Goree Group Managing Director @ OnPoint Accounting Group

    A Chartered Manager, Quickbooks Strategic Partner, podcast host, software investor, and speaker. I’m growing the OnPoint Accounting Group through acquisitions while supporting clients with accounting & due diligence.

  • Guest speaker
    Jey Purushotham Practice Group Leader – Risk & Compliance @ Intapp

    Jey Purushotham partners with accounting and consulting firms to drive technology adoption with an enhanced focus on Intapp’s risk solutions. Prior to joining Intapp, Jey worked at Grant Thornton, Moody’s and the New York Stock Exchange driving risk and compliance initiatives across business and regulatory groups.