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Bridging the Technical Skills Gap: Thriving in the Digital Age of Accounting

About this event

The skill gap in accounting is a pressing concern that can significantly impact an accountant's career trajectory and success. As the industry evolves, accountants must adapt to new challenges, including technological advancements and changing client expectations.  

During the webinar, the expert panel delved into the pressing issue of the skill gap in accounting, exploring the essential skills demanded in the digital age. They discussed potential risks arising from the gap, such as errors when relying on AI and accounting software without a solid understanding of core accounting principles. The panel highlighted the significance of self-awareness and continuous professional development in addressing skill gaps and emphasized the critical role of effective communication and advisory skills in providing value-added services to clients. Practical strategies to bridge the divide between theory and practice were shared, empowering accountants to thrive in a dynamic industry landscape. 

By watching this webinar, you will: 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the skill gap in accounting and its potential implications on your professional growth. 

  • Discover actionable steps to enhance your expertise, bridge the divide between theory and practice, and meet the demands of the digital age. 
  • Learn the importance of self-awareness and continuous development in shaping a successful and fulfilling accounting career. 
  • Uncover the significance of communication and advisory skills in building strong client relationships and delivering exceptional services. 

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  • Guest speaker
    Lucy Cohen Co-Founder @ Mazuma

    Lucy is the Co-Founder of Mazuma, the UK’s first subscription-based accounting service for small and micro businesses. Since founding the company in 2006, Lucy has scaled Mazuma to a multi-seven-figure business, being one of just a handful of women to do so in the accounting space. In 2023 Mazuma unveiled its ground-breaking technology, which looks set to catapult Mazuma into another significant phase of growth. Lucy is a best-selling author, and her book, Forget the First Million, won Best Short Business Book of the year in 2022.

  • Guest speaker
    Johann Goree Group Managing Director @ OnPoint Accounting Group

    A Chartered Manager, Quickbooks Strategic Partner, podcast host, software investor, and speaker. I’m growing the OnPoint Accounting Group through acquisitions while supporting clients with accounting & due diligence.

  • Guest speaker
    Harold Jacobs Senior Account Manager @ Intuit

    As a Senior Account Manager at Intuit QuickBooks, Harold is a familiar face to many accountants and bookkeepers across the UK. Deeply familiar with the recruiting challenge, he works with key accounting partners to foster a culture of training and development, helping them to leverage the power of technology to attract and retain talent.

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Reeve BFP FCA Managing Director @ Gascoynes

    Chris is an accomplished Managing Director with over 30 years of experience at Gascoynes, a leading accountancy practice. Under his leadership, Gascoynes has experienced significant growth, with Chris completing six acquisitions since taking control of the business in 2013. He combines a forward-thinking approach to technology with a commitment to adapting to evolving client demands.