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Fostering Resiliency and Driving Team Performance –Tactics for Your L&D Strategy

About this event

The pandemic may be over, but it left a legacy of disruption in its path, one that businesses continue to wrangle with today.  From adapting to new workspaces to staying competitive in a rapidly evolving economic landscape – one thing is certain:  constant change is the new norm, prompting forward-looking businesses to focus on building a workforce that is resilient, adaptable, and capable of performing at a high level, regardless of what the future holds.  

As leaders, how can we update our L&D strategies to proactively prepare for an unpredictable future? 

Join HRD Connect and Emergn for a webinar exploring how L&D leaders can build resiliency into their organization and enhance team performance.  Our panel will focus on actionable tips and tactics to empower individuals and teams with the right skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to tackle the challenges facing businesses today, including:    

• Future-proofing your organization through innovative learning. 

Discover the power of incorporating learning initiatives that enhance team capabilities and foster resiliency. We will explore how focusing on the function and value each team delivers can unlock their potential and amplify their performance.  

• Cultivating effective ways of working. 

While technical skills are important, fostering effective teamwork and collaboration is vital to driving exceptional performance. Learn how optimizing the way individuals and teams work together can elevate customer value and improve overall business productivity.  

• Defining relevant metrics to measure success. 

Aligning L&D objectives with business performance requires meaningful metrics. We will discuss how to identify and define metrics that matter, ensuring that your L&D initiatives are closely aligned with the desired outcomes of your organization. 

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  • Guest speaker
    Geetika Gupta Chief People Officer @ Mondee

    Ms. Gupta's impressive career spans over two decades, during which she has amassed extensive experience in the fields of human resources and talent engagement across multiple geographies such as the United States, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. Prior to joining Mondee, Ms. Gupta held the role of Global HR and Talent Lead at Accenture, where she was responsible for leading human resources initiatives for a globally distributed workforce of 22,000. She also brings the unique experience of working in Accenture Consulting, where she led large HR transformation projects for multiple Fortune 100 companies. Prior to Accenture, Ms. Gupta worked at NIIT Knowledge Solutions based out of India adding to her international experience.

  • Guest speaker
    Steven Angelo-Eadie Head of Learning Services @ Emergn

    Steven has been involved in IT for over 30 years, and began to focus on helping teams improve their agility while working with Microsoft on the Domain-Specific Languages and Software Factories projects in 2004. Since then, he has educated thousands of people across the globe, as well as led a number of Agile education programs in some of the most complex and prestigious organizations. He has also developed courses and content alongside clients, including building coaching communities in the transformations he’s worked on. Deeply committed to helping people and organizations improve the way they work; he passes on his knowledge and enthusiasm to leave lasting capabilities and confidence.

  • Guest speaker
    Seymour Adler Managing Director, Practice Leader, Global Leadership Assessment & Development @ Kincentric

    Seymour Adler, Ph.D. is Practice Leader for Leadership Assessment and Development Solutions at Kincentric, a global Talent consulting firm. In addition to a 40+ year career consulting with major organizations around the globe, Seymour has taught in graduate programs at Purdue University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, New York University, and currently is an adjunct professor at Hofstra University’s doctoral program in Applied Organizational Psychology. A graduate of the Doctoral Program in Organizational Psychology at New York University, Seymour is a Fellow of Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the American Psychological Association. In 2019 Seymour received the SIOP Award for Distinguished Lifetime Professional Contributions. He has contributed extensively to both the scientific and practitioner literatures in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is the co-editor of the SIOP book, Technology Enhanced Assessment of Talent.