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Future-Proofing Your Finance Function: Building Business Agility through Technology

About this event

In today's fast-paced business environment, where economic and business stability is not guaranteed, business agility has become a critical factor in long-term success. Agile organisations can respond faster to opportunities and challenges, ultimately gaining a competitive advantage over those slower to adapt.

Business agility can take many crucial forms, such as launching new products or services efficiently, entering new markets quickly, or adjusting operations in response to changing market conditions. It requires a flexible approach to decision-making, where organisations can quickly assess new information and adapt their strategies accordingly. Unfortunately, business agility is frequently limited by how quickly and accurately the finance functions can analyse financial requirements and forecasts. Therefore, CFOs and Financial Directors must move just as quickly as the rest of the organisation.

Join BlackLine and The CFO, as we talk to finance leaders to find out how technology has helped them build business agility and ensure they can make decisions quickly and effectively

In this webinar, we will:

  • Explore what business agility means to different finance leaders
  • Discuss how finance leaders have leveraged technology to help them make quick and effective decisions
  • Look at how technology helps teams work cross-functionally to accelerate business agility

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  • Guest speaker
    Yoana Land Transformational CFO @ L’Oreal North America

    Yoana Land is a dynamic, hyper-growth-driving CFO offering 20+ years of financial and business acumen developed in Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Yoana is the Transformational CFO at L’Oreal North America. She has an MBA in strategy and finance from Duke University and an MS in Finance from Harvard. Yoana is a strategic financial advisor to the CEO, and her background includes financial planning and restructuring, M&A deals, digital transformation, operational controllership, global change management, strategic planning and analysis, vendor negotiation, emerging and developed market growth strategies, organizational turnaround initiatives and IT implementation.

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Shultz Director of Strategic Accounting @ BlackLine

    Michael Shultz is an accounting and finance leader with over 20 years of experience in auditing, consulting, and financial reporting management. As BlackLine’s Director of Strategic Accounting, Michael guides companies on their path to modern Finance. To date, he’s traveled to four of the seven continents, speaking about the importance of digital finance transformation for cutting edge companies. He’s known for delivering powerful presentations that inspire innovative approaches, increased productivity, and an accelerated month-end close. Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Purdue University. When he’s not traveling, Michael enjoys smoking meat in his backyard and adding wine from his travels to his collection.

  • Guest speaker
    Daniel Echeverri Executive Director FP&A @ Warner Bros Discovery

    Daniel Echeverri is a digital and finance transformation leader with a diverse background and a track record of success. Daniel's career began in 2011 in the automotive industry, where he joined Renault. He held various positions in logistics, transports, and finance, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. He then served as Chief of Staff for the Americas in Brazil until January 2020 when he became the CFO of Renault's subsidiary in Mexico. In 2023, Daniel transitioned to the entertainment industry, assuming the role of Executive Director of FP&A for Warner Bros Discovery in Mexico. This position allows him to leverage his expertise in finance and drive the company's financial strategies and initiatives. With his strong educational background, extensive experience, and strategic vision, Daniel Echeverri is a respected leader who excels in driving digital and finance transformation.

  • Guest speaker
    Lewis Maleh Founder and CEO @ Bentley Lewis

    Lewis Maleh is an executive recruitment expert and the founder and CEO of Bentley Lewis, an award-winning global boutique executive search firm. He is one of the leading global minds on what’s next in the workplace, how hiring and attracting talent is evolving, and what people are really looking for from work. He shares his expert insights as a global speaker and host of “The Recruitment Show” and “Don’t take out your phone!”.