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Generative AI and the impact to HR teams and workforce planning

About this event

As a forward-thinking HR leader, it's important to stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology, particularly when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI). With AI-driven tools, HR professionals are able to streamline workforce planning, prediction, and management for an increasingly mobile and dynamic workforce.

Now, with Generative AI on the horizon, the possibilities for HR departments are even greater. At HRD Connect, we're excited to partner with Avado to explore how Generative AI can revolutionize the way HR teams operate. From training and implementation to integrating Generative AI into your daily workflow, we'll be delving into the topic in-depth to ensure you and your team are able to fully harness the power of this cutting-edge technology.

Join this exclusive Avado and HRD Connect webinar as we:

  • Explore what opportunities Generative AI presents to HR teams
  • Look at how you can train your teams to use it effectively
  • Discuss preliminary results from the HRD Connect and Avado survey; Impact of Generative AI on the Workforce Survey 2023

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  • Guest speaker
    Benoit Hardy- Vallée Managing Director - HR Platforms @ Accenture

    Benoit Hardy-Vallée is a talent, transformation and technology expert with 15 years of experience working with clients globally. He has a passion for using technology such as cloud, AI, and automation to modernize HR and workforces, and has helped organizations with digital transformation and change management. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in philosophy from the University of Quebec in Montreal and a doctorate in philosophy and cognitive science from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS-Paris). In his free time, Benoit enjoys running and cooking. His childhood hero was Leonardo Da Vinci. A father of two, Benoit's personal and professional goals are to create workplaces where his daughters can have fulfilling careers despite the rapid changes in technology, society, and business. He shares his insights on the future of work through writing, speaking, and his podcast "Abrupt Future".

  • Guest speaker
    Mervyn Dinnen Analyst, Writer, Commentator, Podcaster on HR, Talent & Technology Trends @ Talent Watch

    Mervyn Dinnen is an analyst, author, podcaster and commentator on HR, Talent and WorkTech trends. Based in London, UK, he partners with HR and Recruitment technology businesses to create thought leadership reports that document the emerging trends impacting the hiring, retention, development and engagement of talent. He is an International Keynote Speaker and for the last four years has been recognised as a Top 100 Global Influencer in HR Technology. His second co-authored book, Digital Talent, was published in March 2022 and his podcast ‘HR Means Business’ launched in October 2022.

  • Guest speaker
    Lee Arthur CEO @ Avado Learning

    Lee is the CEO of Avado Learning, one of the leading UK professional development academies, as well as the General Manager of Blenheim Chalcot in North America, the UK's leading venture builder. He also serves as a Board Director of Hive Learning, Contentive, and Researcher. Previously, he served as CEO of the New York Institute of Finance and the founder & CEO of Streetbroadcast. He has also spent time leading business development for The Wall Street Journal & The Financial Times. Lee has spent 25 years in building innovative products & businesses across education, media, marketing, and finance

  • Guest speaker
    Abbie Cowan Chief People Officer @ WES - World Education Services

    Abbie Cowan is a human resources executive with decades of experience leading people strategy in the public and private sectors. For the past 10 years she’s been at Atos, a global leader in digital transformation. As Senior Vice President of HR and Global Chief Diversity Officer at Atos, Abbie worked closely with senior leaders and staff around the world. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She is also a certified executive coach and mentor. Abbie received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Warwick and a master’s degree from the University of Central England (now Birmingham City University).