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Decode Hybrid Work Realities - Strategies for Enhancing Engagement and Collaboration

About this event

As workplaces adapt to the dynamic nature of hybrid work arrangements, it becomes clear that a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer suitable. The idea of hybrid work differs uniquely for everyone, making it imperative for businesses to refrain from implementing rigid mandates and instead foster an environment where employees can flourish while delivering results on their terms.

Join our webinar as we dive deep into the crux of the issue HR and people leaders are facing – how to effectively engage hybrid employees to enhance productivity. In a world prioritizing flexibility, assembling teams physically has turned into a puzzle, with the key to unlocking success lying in crafting deliberate and thoughtful experiences at every touchpoint of the employee journey. Our webinar will furnish you with actionable insights into strategies that go beyond technology, offering a clear roadmap to achieve heightened engagement and collaboration. 

Join this exclusive webinar in partnership with Sage and HRD Connect as we:

- Hear from HR leaders on learned strategies that can be implemented to foster better employee engagement in hybrid working environments. 

- Discuss innovative techniques to build team cohesion, trust, and morale in hybrid work scenarios. 

- Empower HR leaders to gain the skills needed to analyse data relating to hybrid work performance and engagement, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive organisational success. 

- Explore different approaches to seamlessly infuse technology into hybrid work models, streamlining the transition and amplifying efficiency.

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  • Guest speaker
    Sheri Brissenden Partner, HR @ The Framework

    Sheri is in charge of making sure everyone at The Frameworks is happy. She takes overall responsibility for the agency's global HR function, ensuring every Frameworker is empowered, motivated and fulfilled in what they do. An experienced Fortune 100 communications and marketing leader, Sheri has spent 30 years in a career almost equally divided between client and agency work. She has held senior marketing roles at IBM and Lanier Worldwide (now part of RICOH), CNN and Coca-Cola and, for the past 14 years, she's been a partner at The Frameworks. Outside the office, Sheri loves her library, browsing old bookstores and spending time with her children and husband, Terry. There’s a clear link between the passion Sheri has for her family and the personal care she devotes to every member of the agency. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Guest speaker
    Kajal Pankhania Director of People & Culture @ Privalgo

    Kajal has previously been Head of People at Xe, spearheading transformative people and culture initiatives. Prior to that, Kajal held the role of Human Resources Associate at Freshfields LLP. Kajal will play a pivotal role in driving employee well-being and fostering organisational growth at Privalgo.

  • Guest speaker
    Ronel Oostuizen HRIS Director, People Operations @ Sage

    Experienced Human Resources Information System Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Organizational Development, Recruiting, Training, Human Resources, and Job Evaluation. Strong information technology professional with a MCom focused in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

  • Guest speaker
    Ceara Metcalf Director, Payroll & HR Strategy @ Sage

    Ceara Metcalf is Director of Strategy for HR and Payroll at Sage. In her role, Ceara is responsible for Product Management for Sage's HR & Payroll product portfolio globally. With nearly 20 years experience in the HR & Payroll industry, Ceara has worked in product, commercial and customer services roles across a range of HR & Payroll solutions.