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Mastering Efficiency: Revolutionizing Accounting Operations through Automation

About this event

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency is crucial for accounting firms to stay competitive and deliver exceptional client service. Sending out personalised emails and following up with each client, manual data entry and reconciliation, and paper-based processes can take up a large amount of your time that you could be spending on more essential work. Not only are accounting firms needing to remain competitive, but they are also facing a skills shortage which has led to leaner accounting practices, further driving the need for efficiency. By automating routine tasks such as client communication, invoice reminders, and data entry accounting professionals can reclaim valuable time and redirect their focus to higher-value activities.

By attending this webinar, accounting professionals will gain actionable insights, practical strategies, and valuable resources to unlock the full potential of their accounting operations within a lean environment.

Join this exclusive Ideagen Mail Manager and Accountancy Age webinar, as we:

  • Discuss how email automation can help free up time for accounting professionals to redirect their focus to higher-value activities
  • Explore different ways firms can increase their efficiency with automation
  • Talk to accounting professionals about their experience with automation and what benefits they have experienced

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ben Thomas Enterprise Account Executive @ Ideagen Mail Manager

    Ben has been helping organisations globally reduce risk, improve information visibility, save time and take back control of project correspondence for 5+ years.

  • Guest speaker
    Lucy Cohen Co-Founder @ Mazuma

    Lucy is the Co-Founder of Mazuma, the UK’s first subscription-based accounting service for small and micro businesses. Since founding the company in 2006, Lucy has scaled Mazuma to a multi-seven-figure business, being one of just a handful of women to do so in the accounting space. In 2023 Mazuma unveiled its ground-breaking technology, which looks set to catapult Mazuma into another significant phase of growth. Lucy is a best-selling author, and her book, Forget the First Million, won Best Short Business Book of the year in 2022.

  • Guest speaker
    Bev Wakefield Owner of Vibrant Accountancy @ Vibrant Accountancy

    Award-winning Vibrant Accountancy are one of the fastest growing accountancy companies in the Midlands. Fronted by Bev Wakefield, they drop the jargon and mind-numbing number crunching and work in partnership with clients to help them get their time back, save cash and smash their goals. With a fresh, innovative approach to accountancy – and a vast expertise in SMEs – Vibrant Accountancy pride themselves on their ability to challenge their clients and encouraging a growth mindset.