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Navigating Cross-Border Compliance: Challenges and Best Practices for Multinational Corporations Operating in Multiple Jurisdictions

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In 2023, there will be a distinct set of compliance issues that are emerging, causing many compliance officers to lose sleep as they strive to address them. These concerns are related to the current state of geopolitics, environmental requirements, and economic factors.

Multinational companies frequently face compliance complexities, whether it is cross-border, cross-state, or cross-region, and different compliance policies can be intimidating. Primary challenges organizations face include a lack of regulatory uniformity across different jurisdictions, language and cultural barriers, complex supply chains, and data privacy and protection.

Join our esteemed panel as they discuss what challenges multinational corporations may face in 2023, and how they have navigated cross-border compliance.

Join this exclusive The CFO webinar as we:

  • Discuss cross-border compliance challenges and best practices for multinational organizations.
  • Look at how you can stay up-to-date with changing regulatory requirements
  • Talk to finance leaders about their best practices when navigating compliance

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  • Guest speaker
    Eric Young Senior Managing Director @ Guidepost Solutions

    Eric T. Young is Senior Managing Director at Guidepost Solutions. Throughout his career, Eric has remediated and transformed corporate compliance and ethics and anti-financial crime programs; integrated compliance and ethics cultures between regions, countries and companies to ensure consistent cultures and controls; upgraded regulatory and conduct surveillance systems and tools; enhanced compliance reporting, data, and metrics to boards of directors; and created governance frameworks and compliance risk assessment, monitoring and testing programs. Previously, he led global and regional compliance and anti-financial crime divisions at BNP Paribas Americas, S&P Global Ratings, Royal Bank of Scotland, General Electric, UBS, and JPMorgan Chase. Eric began his career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.