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Preparing for the Future of E-Invoicing: global trends and expectations for the future

About this event

Over the past few years, e-invoicing and real-time reporting has gained significant traction across the world, with tax authorities looking to increase tax revenue, reduce fraud and create a more real-time view of activity between businesses. 

While regulations and changes are still in development in the UK, many other regions across the world have already made significant advancements in e-invoicing. It's likely that the UK will follow suit and introduce similar regulations in the near future. Non-compliance could lead to potential risks and liabilities, making it important for organizations to stay informed about future changes and best practices.

Join us for an exclusive Avalara and The CFO webinar where we will discuss:

  • The future of e-invoicing legislation across the world
  • Lessons we can learn from regions that have already implemented e-invoicing
  • How e-invoicing can help organizations transform their AR and AP functions
  • Why tax technology is becoming more important  

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  • Guest speaker
    Matthew Harrison EMEA VAT Solutions Director @ Avalara

    With nearly 10 years’ experience within the tax space, Matt Harrison is one of Avalara’s top VAT solutions specialists. Having worked as both a Senior Tax Manager and a Consultant, Matt has the both the in-depth VAT knowledge twinned with a unique perspective to understand the impact tax changes have on businesses.

  • Guest speaker
    Lyubov Skenderova Senior Manager, Global Compliance & Transformation @ KPMG

    Lyubov Skenderova is part of KPMG UK's Global Compliance and Transformation team. She brings 10+ years' experience working for global P2P and O2C automation software providers with strong knowledge of the solutions and vendor landscape. She is experienced in guiding companies during their AR/AP digital transformation journeys from e-invoicing, indirect tax and e-archiving compliance perspective. Lyubov has been following closely the trend of governments introducing e-invoicing and real-time reporting mandates on a global scale - the driving forces behind this, various local flavours as well as the benefits and challenges for businesses.

  • Guest speaker
    James Dodd VAT Solutions and E-Invoicing Manager @ Avalara

    James Dodd is a regional sales manager at Avalara and focuses on e-invoicing and VAT solutions. He’s been working in SaaS sales for over 10 years, predominantly in the finance space in areas ranging from spend management, ERP sales, and e-invoicing. He enjoys working with CFOs, finance directors, and anyone involved in indirect tax or invoicing. James gets a real sense of satisfaction knowing he’s working with organisations all over the world to help solve a problem they didn't know exists.