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Transaction Banking: Trends and Insights for 2024 - in conversation with CGI

About this event

Join CGI and The Global Treasurer as we take a deeper look at the current trends transforming banking and the relationships between banks and corporates. We will also take a look at some of the results from the CGI Transaction Banking Survey 2023.

The relationship between corporates and banks can frequently be strained for various reasons. From grappling with legacy systems that are increasingly unfit for purpose to navigating the complexities of ESG requirements, both banks and corporates face immense pressure to adapt and thrive.

To foster a more robust corporate-bank relationship, several critical areas require attention from banks. Key trends such as liquidity management, open banking, and banking as a service (BaaS) are central to this transformation. Understanding how these technologies will impact their clients and effectively communicating their benefits are essential for the future of banking.

In this webinar, our expert panel will:

  • Review the results from the CGI Transaction Banking Survey 2023
  • Discuss the top priorities for the banking sector in the coming months
  • Explore how improved technology can elevate banking services and customer experience
  • Talk about what trends we are likely to see in banking in 2024

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  • Guest speaker
    Andy Schmidt Vice President, Global Industry Lead – Banking @ CGI

    With considerable global banking and payments experience, Andy is an industry thought leader as well as the global industry lead for Banking at CGI. In this role, he drives strategy and messaging in support of the ongoing growth of CGI’s Banking vertical, working with colleagues, clients, and partners to create tangible business outcomes for their IT needs around such topics as faster payments, open banking, anti-money laundering (AML), and ISO 20022. Prior to CGI, Andy worked with world-leading companies writing payments, KYC, and AML research at TowerGroup CEB (Gartner), as an information security consultant at EY and Symantec, and as a banker at Bank of America. Andy also served on the Faster Payments Task Force for the Federal Reserve System, providing input and insight on the development of the FedNow payment service.

  • Guest speaker
    Miles Paschini Chief Executive Officer @ FV Bank

    Miles Paschini is CEO of FV Bank International, a global digital bank providing fintech and blockchain companies with integrated banking, payments, and digital asset custody services. An investor and serial entrepreneur, Miles has built numerous innovative financial services businesses. He was awarded seven patents related to payment processing services during the development of EWI Holdings, acquired by Blackhawk in 2006. In addition to developing the industry's first cryptocurrency linked debit cards implemented worldwide.. Miles and FV Bank co-founder Nitin Agarwal are the first in history to be awarded a U.S. patent for the development of stablecoin instruments to be backed by sovereign debt and on chain KYC. .