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Unlocking Global Growth: Tackling Tax Challenges for Digital Businesses

About this event

In an era of unprecedented digital connectivity, businesses are presented with immense growth opportunities, but these are accompanied by a multitude of tax regulations that must be navigated, irrespective of physical presence in a given country.

Software companies are therefore faced with the complicated task of juggling different regional requirements, charging the correct rates, and organising tax returns to continue growing. Our expert panel will delve into the top tax challenges faced by digital businesses and provide actionable insights to help you overcome these obstacles, enabling your organisation to thrive on the international stage.

Join this exclusive Avalara and The CFO webinar, as we:

  • Gain insight into the diverse tax regulations that software businesses encounter when entering new markets.
  • Explore innovative strategies and tools to simplify and automate tax return procedures for your growing digital enterprise.
  • Gain insights into effective international tax planning strategies tailored specifically to software businesses.

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  • Guest speaker
    Olivia Gates EMEA/APAC Tax Technology Manager @ Avalara

    Olivia has a wealth of knowledge and with over 10 years’ experience in the software industry, she has the answers to the many complex questions surrounding the world of tax and the software solutions to put your mind at ease and automate the process. Olivia now specialises in Avalara’s cloud-based global tax technology, a powerful tool for managing the evolving landscape of compliance. Be it US sales tax, customs and duties tariffs or global tax compliance, Avalara gives you the opportunity to automate your entire process from registrations to calculations through to remittance and filing.

  • Guest speaker
    Andy Campbell Global Solution Evangelist @ Certinia

    Certinia is the #1 Salesforce ISV and provides the platform for services businesses. Andy joined as Global Solution Evangelist in 2019. His work involves engaging with executive teams that are undertaking major business transformations and advising customers and partners on cloud adoption. He has 25+ years of technology and business change expertise across multiple geographies and industry sectors. He has substantial experience of successfully deploying leading edge technology to address significant business problems and opportunities. Prior to Certinia he worked at Oracle for 20+ years in a variety of roles, latterly, as Cloud Evangelist, where he led the HR research and thought leadership activity for EMEA. Previous positions include Head of Talent Management programmes for a large global retailer and many project director roles in both public and private sector.