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Contournement vous invite à son événement

Everything you need to know about NoCode

À propos de cet événement

Since recently, "no-code" tools empower non-tech people to build websites, apps and automations.

During this masterclass, you'll get an overview of no-code tools, and discover successful projects that bootstrapped with them, without having any coding skills in their team.

Then you'll make your first steps with those tools, with a demo and a practical workshop. After 1h30, you'll have built and published your first mobile app - oh yeah 😎

🌅 No-code finally got mature : let's get a bit of context.

🎆 Use cases : French and international successful projects that have bootstrapped with no-code tools.

🛠️ Overview of the best tools to create websites, mobile apps and automations - and even more.

🙋🙋🏽‍♂️ Q&A - and maybe some instant technical diagnosis for some of you ? 😉

🖥️ demo : how to create a website from an Airtable database, with Softr ?

🛠️ practical workshop : let's build and publish your first mobile app, with Glide.



Contournement was one of the 1st no-code bootcamps in the world in 2019, and since then, is monitoring this game closely, in real time.

Contournement now performs online and offline short training sessions on no-code tools.

Contournement also organizes events and build a rich community around no-code tools, to teach you how to build website and mobile apps by yourself, without coding.

🔗 Website : https://www.contournement.io/

🔗 Twitter : https://twitter.com/_Contournement

🔗 LinkedIn : https://fr.linkedin.com/company/contournement

🔗 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/contournement/

🔗 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ContournementNoCode/

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  • Membre de l'équipe
    L'équipe Contournement Démocratiseurs d'outils no-code 😎 @ >Contournement>

  • Intervenant externe
    Eva Morin Startups Program Manager @ Creative Valley


Apprenez à réaliser des applications web et mobile en quelques semaines, sans coder.