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Contournement vous invite à son événement

Discover and practice no-code tools, with Contournement & Pierre Tillement ✨

À propos de cet événement

Since recently, "no-code" tools empower non-tech people to build websites, apps and automations.

During this masterclass, you'll get an overview of no-code tools, and discover successful projects that bootstrapped with them, without having any coding skills in their team.

Then you'll make your first steps with those tools, with a demo and a practical workshop. After 1h30, you'll have built and published your first mobile app - oh yeah 😎

14:00 - 15:30 : overview of no-code tools, by Contournement

🌅 No-code finally got mature : let's get a bit of context.

🎆 Use cases : French and international successful projects that have bootstrapped with no-code tools.

🛠️ Overview of the best tools to create websites, mobile apps and automations - and even more.

🙋🙋🏽‍♂️ Q&A - and maybe some instant technical diagnosis for some of you ? 😉

15:30 - 17:00 : demo and practical workshop, by Pierre Tillement

🖥️ demo : how to create a website from an Airtable database, with Softr ?

🛠️ practical workshop : let's build and publish your first mobile app, with Glide.

This event is organized by the Startup Launchpad program, with HEC, Polytechnique et 42Launchpad. It will be animated by >Contournement> & Pierre Tillement.



Contournement was one of the 1st no-code bootcamps in the world in 2019, and since then, is monitoring this game closely, in real time.

Contournement now performs online and offline short training sessions on no-code tools.

Contournement also organizes events and build a rich community around no-code tools, to teach you how to build website and mobile apps by yourself, without coding.

🔗 Website : https://www.contournement.io/

🔗 Twitter : https://twitter.com/_Contournement

🔗 LinkedIn : https://fr.linkedin.com/company/contournement

🔗 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/contournement/

🔗 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ContournementNoCode/


Pierre Tillement

As a freelancer, i work with no-code tools to help teams to build their apps and automations.

I mainly use Bubble, Webflow, Airtable, Zapier and Notion, and I am a certified expert on Landbot and Softr.

🔗 Twitter : https://twitter.com/PTillement

🔗 Linkedin : https://fr.linkedin.com/in/pierretillement


Startup Launchpad

Designed with a ‘learning-by-doing’ (applied pedagogy) approach by HEC, in partnership with School 42, the launchpad program aims to help student entrepreneurs launch their startup within 10 weeks. This program is not a simple course in entrepreneurship, but an accelerator for the launch of start-ups.

More than a method, the launchpad is a community; an approach built on the experience of entrepreneurs and customer development methodologies.


Rémi Rivas

Rémi Rivas is a consulting designer.

He helps business design, build and market new products and services.

His job is to empower innovators in order to build value creation systems that are efficient, profitable and remarkable, both for their organizations and for their clients.

🔗 Twitter : https://twitter.com/remirivas

🔗 Linkedin : https://fr.linkedin.com/in/remirivas

Proposé par

  • Intervenant externe
    Rémi Rivas

  • Intervenant externe
    Pierre Tillement Expert et freelance no-code

  • Membre de l'équipe
    L'équipe Contournement Démocratiseurs d'outils no-code 😎 @ >Contournement>


Apprenez à réaliser des applications web et mobile en quelques semaines, sans coder.