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Define Your Legacy in the Cloud

About this event

Migrating workloads to the public cloud can be a daunting, time-consuming task. How can you positively impact your organization while minimizing operational disruption? What's the plan for conquering your cloud migration unknowns?

Luckily, we know the cloud better than we know ourselves. Join us for an informative 60-minute webinar in which we will share best practices for migrating business workloads to the cloud.

What you will learn:

  • How migration to the cloud can increase organizational agility
  • Reduce operational cost and complexity
  • How to prioritize workloads for migration

Join ConvergeOne’s Chief Cloud Architect, Eric Schuller, and Sr. Director of Cloud Services, Geremy Reiner as they discuss how cloud migration can drive your organization’s success.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Phil Vickman Solutions Marketing @ ConvergeOne

    As a Solution Marketer, Phil guides C1's go-to-market messaging strategy and direction for cyber security solutions.

  • Guest speaker
    Geremy Reiner Sr. Director of Cloud Services @ ConvergeOne

  • Guest speaker
    Eric Schuller Chief Technical Architect at ConvergeOne @ ConvergeOne

    Eric Schuller is the Chief Technical Architect at ConvergeOne. Eric has over 27 years of architecture, security, implementation, and product development experience within the public cloud. He has worked extensively in the healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and transportation industries.


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