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Conviva Chalk Talk - Advanced Social Content Tagging Strategy

About this event

With today’s social analytics tools, no one should ever spend more time aggregating data than analyzing it. Additionally, it’s a mistake to leave your content strategy up to “gut feelings” on what works. Truly understanding what type of content performs best, on which platform, for different demographics can be a game-changer for your social strategy.

Learn from the Conviva Social Insights creator himself, Nick Cicero, on best practices for tagging, organizing, and reporting on your social content to increase engagement, save time, and drive new revenue for your organization. In this advanced social Chalk Talk, we’ll discuss, draw, and diagram:

  • How automated content tagging can save you hours of time.
  • Different strategies for segmenting and analyzing your cross-platform social content.
  • Why organizing content into series will allow you to sell branded content more easily.
  • How to sell branded content based on guaranteed impressions.
  • How to identify what types of content resonate best with which demographics on which platforms.
  • How to measure and align brand objectives with KPIs.

This advanced session is recommended for senior social media managers, researchers, and digital marketers within any organization.

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  • Guest speaker
    Nick Cicero Vice President, Strategy @ Conviva

    Nick joined Conviva with the acquisition of his company Delmondo in 2018. Nick is focused on extending Conviva’s portfolio of video measurement capabilities with Social Insights, a comprehensive cross-platform social video intelligence product.


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