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Research Deep Dive: Conviva’s State of Streaming - Q3 2020

About this event

Conviva’s State of Streaming provides industry insights based on the most comprehensive and diverse streaming media data set in the world. Explore the latest report with the authors as we dive into the trends defining streaming content, advertising, and social media in 2020.

This year has been anything but predictable, with streaming patterns unlike anything we’ve seen before. Q3 was marked by an advertising reemergence, the ascendance of smart TVs, the continued market share dominance of connected TV devices like Roku and Fire TV, and the changing ways viewers are connecting with social platforms. Will Q4 continue or buck these trends, what surprises will emerge, and how will the world reopening affect viewing, sports, and social media engagement?

In this VIVAcon webinar, we will walk through the latest data from Conviva, provide industry context, and discuss what additional trends we see emerging as the year comes to a close.

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    Conviva Marketing

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    Mike Metzler Digital Marketing Manager @ Conviva

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    Paula Winkel Head of Marketing Communications @ Conviva


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