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Beyond ESG: How to invest your money sustainably

About this webinar

ESG investing is typically seen as the go-to method for those investors that want to do good in the world. It is increasingly popular, but is it really made for the sustainable challenge?

This webinar is designed for everybody who wants to invest, but, at the same time, make sure their money isn’t evil. It will teach you everything you need to know about ESG: the definition, what it stands for, what are the benefits and also the drawbacks.

The webinar will also give you an idea of other investing methods that offer a path to a sustainable future.


INTRO: [Olga Rabo @ Cooler Future]

What is ESG? Exploring the definition

PART I: [Mayur Singh @ Mattrvest]

The ESG “deep-dive”: the history of sustainable investing, ESG frameworks and examples. What are ESGs striving to achieve?

PART II: [Antti Hämmäinen @ Cooler Future]

Where ESGs fall short: Where does ESG stand in the battle of social and environmental challenges, e.g. climate change? What are other ways to invest for positive impact?

PANEL DISCUSSION: Sustainable Finance: Paving the Road to a Better Future?



Mayur Singh - Mayur is passionate about sustainable development and works on building startups focused on achieving these goals. With over 14 years of experience across investments, corporate strategy, turnaround management and business development, Mayur is the cofounder of mattvest and in charge of business operations and product management.

Antti Hämmäinen - Antti is an analyst at Cooler Future, working on quantifying the impact of investments as well as doing financial analysis and portfolio construction. Antti has over 3 years of experience with working with startups, and is on the verge of graduation from Aalto University, where he is working on a thesis that focuses on assessing the double-folded risks of climate change materialization to companies.

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