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Cooperative Farmers Elevator invites you to their event

Take 2 - CFE and Carbon: How to take advantage of the next carbon opportunity

About this event

This webinar was previously scheduled for December 8, but was rescheduled to December 20 due to technical difficulties.

Learn about how you can sign up for a 2022 carbon opportunity. Have you made a practice change in your operation in the last 5 years? If yes, come find out how you will qualify for this offering from Truterra, LLC, and CFE. Are you considering a practice change or did you just make a change in the fall of 2021? We have something for you too! Just curious how you can begin to get involved? Come listen, learn, and ask questions.


  • Welcome from Don Harberts, VP of Agronomy at CFE
  • Introductions: Matt Kruger
  • Carbon Market Access Offering Information
  • 2022 Carbon Market Offer
  • Dedicated time for questions

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    Cooperative Farmers Elevator .

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    Don Harberts

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    Matthew Kruger

Cooperative Farmers Elevator

CFE is a progressive, farmer-owned cooperative that services local farms and rural business owners in the areas of agronomy, feed, grain and lumber. CFE has locations in communities throughout northwest Iowa, southwest Minnesota, and southeast South Dakota.