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The future of infrastructure - what can we learn from other industries about data?

About this event

There is has always been an intrinsic link between infrastructure and technology.

The wheel transformed tracks to roads; sea navigation was helped by ports and lighthouses; steam power linked cities and the internal combustion engine paved the way for automobiles and flight.

Copper invites you to join a panel discussion bringing together experts from outside the infrastructure industry to look at what applications, techniques and thinking we can borrow to better use data to understand our audiences and connect us with the people that infrastructure serves.

James Hillier, Head of Data & Insight at Copper, will be joined by:

  • Pippa Gardiner-Hill, Engagement Manger, QuantumBlack (part of AI by McKinsey) 
  • Geoff McGrath, Managing Director, CKDelta
  • Michael Skee, Associate Analytics Director at AKQA
  • David Wilkinson, Data Scientist and Founder of Delphinius Data

We hope you will be able to join us.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    PG G
    Philippa Gardiner-Hill Engagement Manager @ QuantumBlack (part of AI by McKinsey)

  • Team member
    Copper Consultancy

  • Guest speaker
    MS G
    Michael Skee Associate Analytics Director @ AKQA

  • Guest speaker
    GM G
    Geoff McGrath Managing Director @ CKDelta

  • Guest speaker
    DW G
    David Wilkinson Data Scientist and Founder @ Delphinius Data

  • Guest speaker
    James Hillier Head of Data & Insight @ Copper Consultancy