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The secret to efficient security and police operations

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Some of the biggest challenges we see in security, police, and first responder operations include selecting the right tool in the box, having quality and updated information, and ensuring the safety of others around you.

Operations can feel strained with increased documentation demands, limited manpower requirements, cost reductions, and environmental considerations.

Implementing a Lorenz Technology Security drone solution can strengthen and support your operations, as indicated by European client feedback. In addition to making your operations faster and more efficient, we are making them smarter, safer, and greener!


Lorenz Technology offers a free 14 days trial of the Lorenz Technology Hive® software in combination with the Lorenz AI-Link® for your DJI M300 drone.

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    Coptrz Webinars

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    Dennis Rasmussen Sales Manager @ Lorenz Technology

    Dennis Rasmussen is the Sales manager for strategic partners and resellers at Lorenz Technology ApS Denmark. He has 16 years of experience in the security industry, was the former head of sales for G4S Manned Services in Denmark, and was a part of G4S Academy as their security specialist on drones. He has been one of the leading forces in incorporating drones and robots as a part of integrated security solutions for large industry and critical infrastructure clients in Europe. Dennis has significant experience and business achievement in consultancy and building business cases around implementing new technology.

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    Danny Wilson UAV Strategist

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    TC G
    Tara Covell


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