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Shedding lights on surfactants used as excipient for biologics

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In this webinar, we will dive into the critical area of surfactants and their importance in formulation development for biologics and gene and cell therapy products.


  • Root cause analysis of polysorbate degradation
  • Characterization of polysorbates and poloxamers
  • Application of multidimensional liquid chromatography with consideration of online sample preparation and analysis of surfactants
  • Latest research results on the role of free fatty acids for the stability of polysorbates


  • Understanding the importance of surfactant stability for the successful development of biopharmaceutical drug products.
  • Getting insights into a phase-appropriate analytical strategy for surfactant characterization in biologics.
  • Applying multidimensional liquid chromatography for surfactant analysis, combining online protein removal with a universal method suitable for polysorbates and poloxamers.


Whether you are an experienced researcher, a formulation scientist or a pharmaceutical professional, this webinar is a unique opportunity to keep up to date with the latest advances in surfactant analysis. Join us for this informative session that will not only shed light on the challenges, but also provide practical solutions to improve your analytical procedures and contribute to the success of your formulation. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to interact with experts and expand your expertise in surfactant science.

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  • Guest speaker
    Christian Schoeneich Distinguised Professor and Chair @ University of Kansas

    Dr. Schöneich is the Takeru Higuchi Distinguished Professor for Bioanalytical Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at The University of Kansas. His research focuses on oxidation reactions of peptides, proteins, and surfactants. With respect to peptides and proteins, he studies oxidation reactions in vivo and in vitro, and their potential consequences for the development of stable protein pharmaceuticals, biological aging, and age-related pathologies. Dr. Schöneich has published over 290 papers in the field of peptide and protein oxidation reactions.

  • Guest speaker
    Maksymilian Żegota Senior Scientist @ Coriolis Pharma Research GmbH

    Dr. Zegota earned his PH.D. in chemistry from the Max Planck Institute for polymer research in Mainz, Germany, concentrating on site-selective protein modification. After completing his doctorate, he joined Coriolis Pharma in Martinsried, Germany. Currently, he focuses on developing Novel methods for surfactant analysis in biologics to assist in the root-cause analysis of polysorbate and poloxamer degradation, contributing to formulation development in the pharmaceutical field.

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