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Correlated invites you to their event

Customer Lifecycle Scoring Revealed

About this event

We’d like to invite you to the big reveal of Correlated's new Customer Lifecycle Scoring platform. Customer Lifecycle Scoring allows you to set goals based on the stage individual users or accounts are in within their customer lifecycle: onboarding, conversion, expansion and retention.

Once you set goals, Correlated's AI-powered platform automatically identifies specific users and accounts that are showing the highest propensity to hit the goals you set. Then Playbooks, our workflow automation product, allows you to reach out to the right person at the right time with the right message. We've seen a dramatic impact on conversion rates and the ability to drive revenue pipeline using Customer Lifecycle Scoring.

This session will feature:

  • A live demo of Correlated's new Customer Lifecycle Scoring product.
  • Case studies of customers and how they've benefitted from using the product to drive revenue.
  • Roadmap overview of where we're going with Correlated this quarter and beyond.
  • A Q&A session

The event will be moderated by:

Correlated's CEO and Co-Founder, Tim Geisenheimer

Correlated's Head of Product and Co-Founder, Diana Hsieh

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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    Tim Geisenheimer CEO/Co-Founder @ Correlated

    I'm the CEO/Co-Founder at Correlated. Fewer than 1% of product sign ups convert to paid customers. Increase your conversion rate using Correlated's Customer Lifecycle Scoring, powered by AI.

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    Diana Hsieh


Turn customer data into revenue, faster

Correlated's product led revenue platform uncovers PQLs and automates outreach in key moments in the customer journey. Reach out to the right accounts, at the right time, with the right message.