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Crayon Cloud Economics

About this webinar

Like many other trends in IT over the years, the move-to-cloud is part of a hype cycle where bold promises and a rush to "do-it-because-everybody-else-is" often hide the realities of commercial viability and the likelihood of you to achieve a real return on investment.

Crayon has been “cloud gazing” in Australia for a long time and has come up with a markedly different approach to assist its customers in actually achieving, maintaining and growing the significant savings promised by Cloud and other “as-a-Service” architectures.

Join Crayon's Cloud Architect, Peter Rowe, and Cloud Economics Practice Lead, Louis Crozier, as they explore the much broader considerations necessary for your organisation’s move to the Cloud than you might have previously considered.

Learn how you can:

  • Incorporate Software Asset Management data into your Cloud road map
  • Use Cloud for enterprise licensing optimisation
  • De-risk future Cloud transformations
  • Take advantage of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Three lucky attendees will be given the opportunity to accelerate their organisation’s journey to the cloud - cost-free! 


Louis Crozier

Cloud Practice Lead, Crayon ANZ

Louis is Queensland based and has assisted businesses all over the globe gain greater value from Enterprise tools and Infrastructure projects. As the Crayon Australia Practice Lead for Cloud, he is driven to see digital transformation projects apply the full capability of knowledge offered by Crayon’s partner network and services arm.

Peter Rowe

Cloud Architect, Crayon ANZ

Based in Melbourne, Peter has been in IT longer than he would like to admit, starting when you still had to explain to people what the Internet was! As a Cloud Architect at Crayon, he is excited about partnering with clients to extend and grow awareness of the opportunities presented by Cloud and just how much it will change the ways we all do business. 

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    Peter Rowe

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    Louis Crozier


Crayon helps customers build their commercial and technical foundation for a successful digital transformation journey. Our services framework allows customers to rightsize and optimize their IT estates throughout the entire lifecycle to unlock technology potential and innovation while saving costs.