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This event will be presented in Mandarin on July 22nd at 9:00 AM, Shanghai local time.

Microsoft, with SONiC open-sourced NOS, and Credo, with HiWire SWITCH Active Electrical Cables, have collaborated on a new approach to achieve LOS while reducing costs and power by eliminating the need for redundant failover racks.

Achieving five-9s reliability is a critical level-of-service (LOS) threshold for data center service providers, but the costs and power consumption of server and Top-of-Rack (ToR) redundancy deployments are mounting.

In the deployment to be discussed in this presentation, Microsoft uses its SONiC NOS to control Credo HiWire SWITCH AECs to manage on-the-fly failover between the server rack and ToR. The rack and ToR components are physically connected using Y-split AEC cables. This implementation eliminates the need for redundant equipment or enables operators to increase capacity.

Join host Alan Weckel of 650 Group at this live web event by Microsoft and Credo on using SONiC to control HiWire SWITCH Active Electrical Cables to enable a simpler, faster, and more economical Dual-ToR implementation.

Event topics include:

  • Credo's new HiWire SWITCH AEC and the lineup of AECs
  • Microsoft's SONiC Gemini Container and its Open Source release date
  • Learn how the Gemini Container manages convergence cases
  • Watch recorded demos of convergence/failover and the effect on traffic loss
  • See pictures of actual Microsoft racks using the Credo HiWire SWITCH AECs
  • Participate in Q&A

Following the event, participants will also have access to a report on SONiC NOS, compliments of 650 Group.

Note: This event will be presented in Mandarin on July 22nd at 9:00 AM, Shanghai local time.


Alan Weckel | 650 Group

Alan Weckel is a Technology Analyst/Co-Founder at 650 Group, where he is in charge of Networking and Cloud research. Alan’s expertise has been quoted in CIO Today, Wall Street Journal, and Fierce Telecom. He has presented at a wide variety of industry and finance events. His work at previous companies including Cisco Systems and Raytheon provides a foundation for his deep knowledge of the industry and its supply chain.


Dr. Lihua Yuan | Microsoft

Dr. Lihua Yuan is currently a Partner Software Engineering Manager in Microsoft Azure Networking. He leads the network platform team supporting the data center network connecting major businesses including Azure, Microsoft 365, and Bing. His team drove the networking hardware evolution from 10G generation all the way to 400G generation in Microsoft. His team leads the development of the open-source SONiC network operating system that is widely adopted in the industry. His team developed software automation that manages the whole life cycle of the network. Dr. Lihua Yuan’s work led to multiple research publications at top networking conferences. He is the incubation committee member at the Open Compute Project since 2018.


Don Barnetson | Credo

Don is the VP of Product for HiWire AECs at Credo with a focus on product definition and customer engagement for this new, exciting category. Prior to Credo, Don was CTO at Lunera, an IoT Platform company. Don received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary and his MBA from UC Berkeley. Don holds 26 US patents.

Sheng Huang | Credo

Sheng is the Director of Applications Engineering at Credo, focusing on high-performance and low-power Ethernet solutions at 56G and 112G PAM4 line rates for Chip-to-Chip, Backplane, and Line Card, Optical Modules and Copper Cable Connectivity. He is also is the President of the HiWire Consortium an international organization of over 50 connectivity and computing companies working to accelerate the adoption of AECs.

Sheng will present for Credo at the July 22nd, 9:00AM, Shanghai time event.

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    Bob Creor Marketing Communications @ Credo

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    Don Barnetson VP Product @ Credo

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    Lihua Yuan Partner Software Engineering Manager @ Microsoft

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    Alan Weckel Founder and Technology Analyst @ 650 Group, LLC


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