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Preparing Early for Admissions & Your Application Checklist

About this event

One of the biggest mistakes that students make when it comes to college applications is not starting early enough. Applications take months to develop, and on top of that, extracurricular growth takes years in order to impress university admissions officers. The timeline you likely have in mind is missing a few important steps!

Join Crimson Strategist, Sana, and her student, Tia, as they dive into:

  • The importance of candidacy building and personalizing your timeline
  • How admissions strategy plays a role in extracurricular development
  • Can’t-miss application checklist items
  • What Tia did to gain admission to her dream school: Barnard
  • What it takes to become a strong candidate for top universities!

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    Crimson Education

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    Shannon Fennell

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    Sana Rafi Senior Strategist @ Crimson

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    Laetitia Ohayon Intern @ Crimson Eduaction

    Hello! I am a former student that worked with Crimson Eduction. Throughout my time with them, I met amazing people and decided that I would love to represent their values as well—so I’m here to talk about my experience about the college admissions process alongside Crimson!

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