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Admissions Insights from a NYU & UPenn Former Admissions Officer

About this event

Have you wondered how college admissions work? What do admissions officers look for? Hear from Crimson Senior Strategist, Julie, who is a Former Admissions Officer from NYU, UPenn, and George Washington University. She has over 16 years of experience and will discuss college admissions from the perspective of the decision room including how officers evaluate student applications. She will speak to how she works with students now to make sure they are on the right path throughout high school and through the application process. 

Our Former Admissions Officer will discuss:

  • How college admissions typically work
  • What universities like NYU, UPenn, and GW look for in applicants
  • How COVID-19 will likely affect future application cycles from a reader's standpoint
  • The impact that standardized testing (AP, SAT/ACT, etc) have on applications
  • How to select a major
  • How to best optimize your own path

Students, parents, and educators welcome.

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