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How to Get Ahead with Extracurriculars

About this webinar

It’s important to take an interest in activities outside the classroom and demonstrate your passion for admissions officers. Doing many activities is important, but it is crucial to showcase your dedication to certain aspects of your extracurricular projects. Crimson Senior Strategist, Brice, will be joined by his student who has spent months building his leadership initiative. Join us to learn more about how to portray your extracurricular activities on your application in a way that will make you stand out!

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear from a current Crimson student about their extracurricular initiative and how they built it
  • Learn how to explore your interests and demonstrate your passions
  • Understand how to translate those extracurricular activities into a college application
  • Know how to showcase yourself and your various skills developed through these activities

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