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How to Get Into Top STEM & Business Programs

About this event

Are you in high school and thinking about pursuing a career in STEM or business? Join our webinar with incredible speakers such as Jamie Beaton (Harvard B.S. & M.A., Stanford MBA & M.A., Oxford Rhode Scholar, and Crimson’s CEO), David Freed (Harvard B.A. & M.S. and Crimson’s COO), and Deffany Hsu (Columbia M.A., Crimson’s Canada Head of Operations) to learn more about careers in STEM and business, as well as the best ways you can prepare yourself throughout high school for the competitive application process ahead!

In this session, you will learn: 

  • The future of STEM & business careers
  • What you can be doing in high school right now to further develop your passions
  • What the competitive application process looks like for STEM & business programs
  • The universities from around the world that can help you unleash your potential
  • What you can do to get ahead and showcase your talent to admissions officers

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