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Your Future in STEM: Planning for College & Career Pathways

About this webinar

Are you in high school and thinking of applying to study engineering, computer science, or medicine? Come to this session to learn more about careers in STEM, as well as the best ways you can prepare yourself throughout high school for the competitive application process ahead!

Computer scientists, data analysts, app developers, coders, doctors, mechanical and civil engineers - these are the jobs of the future, not to mention doing your own thing as a STEM entrepreneur! Learn how you turn your passion for STEM classes in high school into a competitive career you’ll love.

Come to ‘Your Future in STEM - Planning for College and Career Pathways’ where we will help you find the answers you’re looking for while covering these four key topics:

  • The future of STEM
  • What you can be doing in high school right now to further your passion for STEM
  • What the competitive application process looks like for STEM programs - particularly for those who are looking at applying to engineering schools, comp sci programs, and accelerated medical schools
  • The universities from around the world that can help you unleash your potential!

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    Amanda Jones Marketing Executive @ Crimson Education

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