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How to Ace the SAT (AUS/NZ)

About this webinar

Are you looking to ace the SAT?

Join Duke University recent admit, Alanna, as she breaks down the SAT and shares her experiences on how to effectively tackle the exam. The topics that will be covered include:

  • What is the SAT and how does it impact US admissions
  • The changes around SAT requirements due to COVID-19
  • Study strategies & top tips
  • Alanna's SAT experience
  • Top free SAT resources
  • Crimson's SAT Mastery Course
  • What to focus on after the SAT

All of this and more on July 12th.


Alanna (Duke recent admit)

Alanna is a recent admit to Duke University, finalist for the Robertson Scholarship (now cancelled) and is looking to pursue a major in Engineering. In high school, she studied Extension 2 Mathematics, Extension Music, Physics, Advanced English, Design and Technology, and Drama. Alanna has a strong musical background which she used to her advantage during her admission. She played cello for semi professional orchestras and was a organiser of weekly musical concerts at a local Sydney aged care facility.

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    Duo Sun Academic Advisor @ Crimson Education

    Duo is a UCLA Alumnus who has helped students gain admission to top university's such as Harvard and Stanford for over 5 years.

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    Alexander Cork APAC Marketing @ Crimson Education

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    Alanna M

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    Daksh Chuchra

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    Allyson Pressman Academic Advisor @ Crimson Education

    Allyson is a Melbourne based Academic Advisor, with over 6+ years in the international education industry. Allyson has supported students studying abroad here in Australia, with a specialty in US unis, UC system and business/tech degrees.

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