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Application Secrets For US Universities | Insights From US Admission Experts For Australian Students

About this webinar

An introductory free webinar to US unis targeted at parents and high school students. Hosted by two US University Admission Experts Allyson P and Matt C, who will share their insights and secrets which include: the application fundamentals, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid. Furthermore, learn how to apply to top US universities from Australia. and how to stand out from the global crowd.

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    Crimson Education

    Our mission is to help students fully unlock their potential and gain access to the world's most prestigious universities. Crimson students have received 220 offers to the Ivy League, 99 to Oxford and Cambridge, and over 1,100 to top 50 US universities.

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    Matt Cavallaro

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    Allyson Pressman Academic Advisor @ Crimson Education

    Allyson is a Melbourne based Academic Advisor, with over 6+ years in the international education industry. Allyson has supported students studying abroad here in Australia, with a specialty in US unis, UC system and business/tech degrees.

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